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Are You Tired Of Chronic Pain?

Try the Koontzin Technique

This approach is what Accelerated Muscle Therapy is founded on. Only a handful of therapists in the world are trained and certified in the unique Koontzin Technique.

The Koontzin Technique includes very specific manipulation of your muscle fibers, involving a combination of pressure, movement, lengthening and manipulating your muscle fibers in a way that is in sync with your body’s natural healing responses.

Proper application of the Koontzin Technique results in the aligning, on a microscopic level, of muscle fibers that have been blocking the muscle’s natural ability to flex and stretch pain-free.


Rehabilitating muscle-related injuries

We have had great success in rehabilitating knee injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, minor scoliosis, whiplash, thoracic outlet, golfers elbow and many other muscle related injuries.


Prevent injuries before they happen

We firmly believe in preventative maintenance and help keep many active clients from ever having to experience athletic injuries. Come in for a tuneup to keep active, doing what you love!

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A modern technique leading the way in naturally healing sports and accident related muscle injuries

Neuromuscular Therapy in Cariari Costa Rica

Increase Range of Motion

Fix Carpal Tunnel

Repair Damaged Muscles

Get rid of Fibromyalgia

Heighten Strength and Agility

Repair old Injuries

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  • “Raquel and her mother Kid are amazing muscle therapists. I have had so many injuries they are uncountable. I am 73 years old and have had both work on me. I can spring back from a bad fall, old injuries, etc. Even at my age and keep on going. Thank both of you. You are amazing and worth much more than the cost.”

    Sheila Hewitt
    Washington, USA

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